RTL Punkt 12, 2.Report

June 01, 2019

“Hallöchen” = Hey!

Will you get that? 😉 “Karla Kolumna” , she is raging reporter from “Neustadt”, the german home of “Benjamin BlĂŒmchen” (speaking elephant) and “Bibi Blocksberg” (little witch).

And also a big role model for me in my childhood. I enjoyed sitting in my parents’ car with a cash register and a microphone in order to present a live recording of my traffic reports to my imaginary listeners.
And now this week a childhood dream has come true. Alexander Hartmann from the local “Weinstadtjournal” offered me a permanent author position as an editor in his online magazine!
My first article went online. It will be the beginning of a small series about my time in Moscow. The coming time will be published every Wednesday at 13:13 clock another article.

Weinstadtjournal – 1.Artikel

Weinstadtjournal – 2.Artikel

Viel Spaß!

In addition, the second part of the RTL Punkt 12 report has finally been broadcast. And as promised, I filmed it and set it here. I must say that I find the second part much more successful than the first part – phew;)

Who wonders why I sit so devoutly in my Stemmcell-Buddha outfit on my bed and look like I’m about to vomit … all right! 😉 I meditate. : D

And the “pulling in the bones” what I mention there, that was hardly worth mentioning – I would like to have clearly stated again at this point. Just like my “something with the kidneys”, what you hear me say. They were just a bit confused, because I normally drink too little and in Moscow I was instilled with a liter of liquid per infusion – they were not used to it. But all right 🙂 Actually, it was more that I have been waiting for side effects. Again and again, I have listened intently to whether anything happened …… “Ah, stop! A pull in the bones, there it is!” …. “Uh wait, something is kidding, I think I notice something!” But there really was not really anything there. I put off the chemotherapy very well, like most of the patients in Moscow. And not without reason, I deliberately went to Moscow – they just have so much experience and that makes it just as noticeable! ZDF recently ran a report, as reported a Hamburg patient (one of the few who could do the treatment, olĂ© olĂ©) ​​that the chemo was a hell of a trip for her – Although absolutely worthwhile, as she emphasized, but a horror trip. Well … there are now other countries start this treatment (including Switzerland) and are apparently too proud to learn from Moscow or Chicago.
Oh my, I could skip it for a while – but I’ll stop now. The fact is: me and my stem cell siblings fabulous!

Oh my dears, now I have been back for 74 days. 74 days! Time goes by incredibly. And it’s just such a big opportunity you’ve given me that could not be more valuable.

Currently I am in the “Rollercoaster”, in the roller coaster, as my stem cell siblings call it. And according to the usual calculation, I am currently at the peak: after 3 months, the symptoms worsen: fatigue, spasticity etc. So it is reassuring to know that my situation is just normal here. At the moment I feel like a heavy sandbag. I’m struggling to get up in the morning – not because I’m so tired (fortunately, the fatigue is over and toi toi toi, hopefully not coming back in the scooter coaster), but because my body is as heavy as lead. In addition, it hurts in muscles and bones – all tolerable, but just uncomfortable. And the progress that I have made in recent days regarding my walking distance, are currently declining somewhat again. I am relaxed about it and trust in my predecessors, who always reassure me that this is normal and will not stay that way.

So I continue training as far as I can and wiggling my walk with the Miko. The other day I made 3km !! That’s awesome, because even before the HSCT I was at 200-800m. So far, I can only do that if I meditate at the same time and are highly concentrated. At the moment I fell back to 1.5 to 2km. I continue to practice! My goal is 10km! For this, the nerves would have to repair again, so some nerve endings grow together again – but they are blocked by scar tissue, hence the name “sclerosis”. Although the body sometimes breaks down scar tissue in the peripheral nervous system, it does so in the central nervous system only under very specific conditions. But I believe in so-called miracles – we are finally in the universe!

In this sense: have a nice time! Enjoy the sun 🙂


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