My MS – diagnosis and history

  • 2004 retrospective first MS symptom: left eye visual disturbance, numbness in the legs and fingertips. Everything developed back to the tingle in the fingertips.
  • 2012 increased tripping and kinking
  • 2014 at times the feet stick to the ground
  • 2015 diagnosis MS, relapsing course – EDSS of 2.0: my walking distance was 6 km.
  • 2018 gradual course – EDSS from 3.5-4.0: my walking distance is a maximum of 600 to 800 m.

Currently my walking distance is only at a maximum of 800 meters. I have a spasticity in my left arm and in my left hand, so that I can only use the left hand to a limited extent.

At night I am awakened several times by cramps in my arms and legs.

During the day I suffer from fatigue, which means I am extremely tired without caffeine or sleep providing relief – and often without being seen from the outside. I sleep a good 8 hours and wake up with leaden fatigue.