Katja – who I am..

My name is Katja Schmollack and I’m writing a bit about myself here. ­čśë

I was born 1982 in Paderborn and today 36 years old.

Since 2015 I work as a social worker at the district administration Gro├č-Gerau at the ASD in the youth welfare office. I can say with luck, yes that’s my dream job. That’s certainly because of my great team – I really enjoy this collaboration with my colleagues. It’s an authentic teamwork with people you can always count on and I can say that many of my colleagues have already become friends. The work itself is not always easy, as I am usually confronted with other people’s crises. But it’s nice to look for resources – that’s good for the brain;) So basic, I mean. Even if that sometimes does not succeed easily – the work is very badly authentic alive. And I think that’s really good what I like.

Previously, I worked for 12 years in inpatient disability assistance. First in an anthroposophic institution for people with autism in Rhineland Palatinate. It was a small life community of five adult, very special people. Partly the work was challenging, but always valuable. It was a time that shaped me a lot, especially in terms of the world. For example, since then I know that it does not matter how you do things … not even on a small scale.

Then I worked during and after graduation in various residential forms for people with mental disabilities. Also this time was very special. There were a lot of very special and extraordinary encounters and we had so many funny, naive and somehow real moments. “Finally normal people!” I often thought. ­čśë



Today I live in the Rhine-Main area, more precisely in the beautiful Hochheim am Main. Here I live together with my dog Miko and enjoy the flair of the vineyards. I enjoy my apartment and the streets. I enjoy my neighborhood and of course I enjoy the good regional wine. I enjoy my home!