TV RTL Punkt 12, Part 1 / Wonderful May

May 7, 2019

Hello my dears,

since the beginning of the week, I have built a tripod in front of my TV to film the reports at Television RTL Punkt 12.


Television RTL Hessen will make my contribution available via link, there is no need for extra filming. At Punkt 12, however, the amount is embedded in the 2-hour episode … so I’ll shoot it better.

The first part was on Monday. When the second part is broadcast is uncertain for all parties and is spontaneously decided on the same day … so I look now every day Punkt 12 and wait for it.











The first part I introduce you here once.

It very resembles the very first report, which ran in January at RTL Hessen…

RTL Hessen will broadcast the 5-part series in early June.

If I do not have to hang in front of the telly 😏 … I enjoy the wonderful spring – even in the rain: “Mayrain makes you beautiful” it says.
Most of the time I ride my bike – that’s a lot easier for me than a walk. Today, however, just before sunset, there was such a magical spring atmosphere in the Hochheim air. Somehow the birds chirped especially easy … easy like Sunday morning 😉 or Friday evening. So I grabbed Miko and just started walking in the vineyards. Mostly I manage 400m, then I turn back. The last few times were sometimes even 600m in it 💪. On the way back I have to take a short break and sit down for a moment. And today … I went for a round that I have not done in a long time – for the last time a good year ago, I think. It is a round of about 1500m. Without a break I walked through the beautiful May. I celebrated myself for it, so it’s better! In front of Moscow it was already over after 200m, a way back was unthinkable. And then suddenly there was a very familiar smell in my nose: irises!

You can certainly remember the badge that Dr. Fedorenko handed over to my stem cell birthday and its importance.


The iris is said to remind me to carry on / hold out when it gets difficult during recovery or I run out of patience. And during my already wonderful walk, my Iris-friends suddenly grew wonderfully fragrant 🙂

But, as the iris reminds us, it’s a lengthy process. My left hand is currently not in great shape and can be controlled a bit more difficult – but I give myself time.












I give myself time with everything, all day long. At first I was still very impatient and wanted to regenerate as fast as possible and annoyed me when I got tired. Meanwhile, I sleep in the morning for a long time and then take a lot of time for each activity, as much as I need. I myself set my pace. So the day goes around very quickly, although I have “done” only one or at most two small tasks. That’s okay too.

To remind me that time is what I need now, I’ve been hanging a note on the mirror for a few weeks now.



“Give yourself time” is there. A sentence that my stem cell sister Stina had told me over and over again at the time when I was still pretty impatient with myself.

Thank you Stina 🙂 It is the most important sentence that I’ve heard and read over and over again like a mantra – and then I got it, hehe.










My blood counts are good, according to my hematologist, although they continue to fluctuate. I have one of my weekly appointments with her again next Monday, then she’ll explain to me again exactly why it’s fluctuating and why that’s okay;)

I do not have to take medication anymore since the treatment – Yeah! I’m really more than happy about that. For that, I take a handful of vitamins and minerals every day that help my body stabilize and, if he likes, heal a bit too 🙂


Every day I take as 10 different and colored tablets and capsules.

Especially vitamin B, high doses for the nerves (which have been damaged by the MS).

In addition to Vit B 12, one capsule also contains uridine monophosphate, which supports the regeneration process in the case of neuronal damage – which makes it very suitable!

Then I take magnesium, also good for the nerves and for the brain – that has holes in me, so with the “salt of rest”.

In Moscow, iron deficiency was diagnosed. According to Dr. Fedorenko I stood with my who just about anemia. But I have researched that the Russians have different normal values ​​than Germans do. Well, according to our local tables I am still in the lower limits. Anyway, I take iron – if not more every day since my value has improved.

Then we have those green capsules – hehehe … that’s Moringa! Here at german home still relatively unknown, in the US but a veritable trend. The Moringa tree or miracle tree, grows uncomplicated, fast-paced and you can use everything about it. Moringa trees are considered to be the most nutritious plants in the world, a so-called superfood. In many developing countries, the tree is used to combat malnutrition. In the media, Moringa is made more nutritious than it really is, so no miracle tree;) But because it is nonetheless very nutritious, two capsules a day come into my tablet box.

A recommendation of ex-patients from Australia was then still alpha lipoic acid against oxidative nerve damage.

I also take quite a lot of Vitamin D3! A vitamin D deficiency was also found in Moscow and was also confirmed here. With vitamin D, studies are repeatedly made in MS, as a deficiency should adversely affect the course. Better a little more vitamin D than too little is the motto, so I take a lot of it.

And while I’m at it, I also take vitamin A for the eyes – they’re getting worse and worse.

So my body gets a lot of tools to tinker and build.

In this sense, I wish you a nice weekend and continue to have a great May. And should it rain again, remember: put yourself into it and enjoy;)

I would like to say THANK YOU again for your great support. I think again and again of the eight weeks in which you have made possible my new life. I still can not really grasp what happened there, it’s just so beautiful. During my time in Moscow, but especially after that, I have had moments in which I have been consumed by it. Who once experienced this (and that will probably be the least), who can understand what I mean. It’s really hard to tell anyone else what an experience it was and is! I still remember how I was completely overwhelmed at the beginning, so I kept crying. One or the other will remember. That was just gratitude, I think. You fought with me – for me and my life. Even if I have not written it here for a while, there really is not a day when I do not think and feel it: Heart Thank!




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