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April 08, 2019


Dear Ones,

The day before yesterday I had my one-month stem cell birthday 🧚♂️🦋🍾 and it is tomorrow (Tuesday) already exactly three weeks that I’m back from Moscow.

So slowly the roof falls on my head, walls coming closer and closer and I would like to be more active. After spending almost 8 weeks primarily lying or sitting, my muscles have receded. That’s why I’m doing a few exercises at home now, and oh well … I can not do a single squat! 😱

But now you have to know that I did not do a lot of squats before the treatment and also before the MS … 😅

It is still too early for a tough training program, but at least I will counteract the atrophy as far as I can.

Yes, that is what I am dealing with.

I communicate with my Stem Cell Sisters, who live in Australia and Norway and each fight their own fight, which is basically similar. This exchange is doing very well. I feel especially connected with my stem cell sister Stina from Norway. She has a stem cell birthday one day after me, but otherwise our treatment went in parallel. We came in and out of isolation on exactly the same days – during which time we communicated with knocking marks on the wall – because we share the same humor; 😉 of course, but also via the Internet.

Moscow was a special time that probably connects us forever. And it feels good to know someone who has experienced the same, shares the same fears, and feels the same hopes the same way.

It’s still a long way, Step by Step. “We have to give ourselfs time.” Stina always says.

It is tempting to believe that we have put this treatment behind us and then quickly return to our “life”. After all, this recovery path is just a phase of life. And I’m curious about the individual processes!

It is a long way – but it leads out of the MS! It’s a great opportunity you’ve given me!


Incidentally, RTL not only gave me a small handheld camera to Moscow to film a few impressions – they also visited me in Moscow. Presumably, a small contribution will be broadcast this month, this time nationwide. As soon as the broadcast date is fixed, I will tell you here.


I am glad that the media have found interest in the topic. It is time for other MS patients to be made aware of the way out of the impasse.


Dear ones, I wish you a nice week!

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